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Adult Competitions

The Chicago Flute Club began holding an adult competition, open to flutists age 18 and older (excluding high school students) in 2003. The original conception was a 3-year competition cycle: Solo, Chamber Music, and Orchestral Excerpts. The Piccolo Competition was added in 2005. The prizes started modestly with the first prize as $100. As the competitions grew, the awards for the Annual Adult Competition evolved into $1000 for first place, and $500 for second place. The third place award was eliminated, due to the substantial first and second prizes. However, the finalists are certainly deserving of mention in the past competition winners' list that follows. Thus the competition grew into its current 4-year rotating cycle of the Chicago Flute Club's Annual Adult Competitions, drawing competitors from around the world each year.

2021 Donald Peck International Flute Competition 

First Prize: Chaoyue Zhang

Second Prize: Irene Constant Blasco

Third Prize: Christine Kim

Fourth Prize: Abby Easterling

2021 Walfrid Kujala International Piccolo Competition 

First Prize: Ashley Mendeke

Second Prize: Elizabeth Salerno 

Third Prize: Rebecca Tutunick 

Fourth Prize: Elizabeth McCormack

2019 Donald Peck International Flute Competition

First Place: Martha Chan

Second Place: Ethan Lin

Third Place: Emily Bieker

Fourth Place: Subin Oh

2019 Walfrid Kujala International Piccolo Competition

First Place: Lily Josefsberg

Second Place: Nicholas Buonanni

Third Place: Rachel Dobosz

Fourth Place: Andy Fukasawa

2017 Donald Peck International Flute Competition
First Place:
Nicholas Buonanni
Second Place: Austin Brown
Third Place:
James Brinkmann
Fourth Place:
Ashley Hunter

2017 Walfrid Kujala Piccolo Artist Competition
First Place: Alyssa Griggs
Second Place: Ilonka Kolthof
Third Place: Ashley Mendeke
Fourth Place: Lisa Meyerhofer

2015 Donald Peck International Flute Soloist Competition
First Place: Susan Kang
Second Place: Julian Rose
Third Place: James Brinkman
Fourth Place: Anna Patterson

2014-2015 Walfrid Kujala Piccolo Artist Competition
First Place: Sarah Pyle
Second Place: Erin Happeny
Third Place: Aida Lopez
Fourth Place: Jenni Miller

2013-2014 Solo Artist Winners
First Place: Won Lee
Second Place: Beomjae Kim
Third Place: Erina Koyasu
Fourth Place: Carol Joe
Alternate: James Brinkman

2012-2013 Walfrid Kujala Piccolo Artist Competition
First Place: Mariacelli Navarro Salerno
Second Place: Courtney Morton
Third Place: Dana Joras

2011-2012 Solo Artist Competition
First Place: Yukie Ota
Second Place: Jonathan Figueroa Colon
Third Place: Luke Fitzpatrick

2010-2011 Walfrid Kujala Piccolo Artist Competition
First Place: Mackenzie Danner
Second Place: Kristen Carr
Third Place: Amanda Fuerst

2009-2010 Solo Artist Competition
First Place: Brittany Foster
Second Place: Rachel Maclary
Third Place: Juliana Overmier

2008-2009 Walfrid Kujala Piccolo Artist Competition
First Place: Bianca Garcia
Second Place: Jennifer Robinson
Third Place Mackenzie Danner
Honorable Mention: Terri Sanchez

2007 Solo Artist Competition
First Place: Ruth Miltenberger
Second Place: Sarah Miles

2006-2007: Orchestral Excerpts Competition
First Place: Samantha Fu
Second Place: Madelene Campos

2005-2006: Piccolo Competition
First Place: Scott Metlicka
Second Place: Katja Schulte-Bunert
Finalist: Bethany Summersgill

2004-2005: Solo Artist Competition
First Place: Elizabeth Phelps
Second Place: Ellen Huntington
Finalist: Jie Youn Lee
Finalist: Leah Martindale

2003-2004: Chamber Music Competition
First Place: Quadrivium (flute quartet from University of North Texas)
Second Place: S.N.U. Trio (flute, cello, and piano trio from University of Illinois)
Third Place: Reverie Winds (woodwind quintet from the Eastman School of Music)
Honorable Mention: Trio Sophisticate (flute, soprano, and piano trio from Wheaton College)

2002-2003: Orchestral Excerpt Competition
First Place: Kim Sopata
Second Place: Elisheva Marguiles
Third Place: Shanna Gutierrez

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