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Chicago Flute Club 

Flute Rental Program

The Chicago Flute Club offers a flute rental service to members in the Chicagoland area. Working with local music stores, we are able to provide high quality instruments that are kept and maintained by professional flute repairers in the city. Currently, we have the following instruments available for rent at these locations:

Horn Stash

744 E. Northwest Hwy
Palatine, IL  60074

(847) 359-4444

Eugene S. Gordon Woodwinds

410 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 709, Chicago, IL 60605. 

312-663-0414 (Shop closed on Sundays and Mondays)

 2 piccolos  2 alto flutes; 1 bass

To rent one of our instruments, please read and follow the instructions below carefully. 

Rental rules and expectations:

  1. Renter must be a current member of CFC. The CFC membership year runs from September 1 to August 31. Click here to become a member.

  2. A three-week (minimum) advance notification is required.

  3. Renter will carefully supervise and, if necessary, instruct anyone else who plays or touches the instrument, ensuring that it remains safe. Renter is liable for any and all damage up to the full purchase price of the instrument. Renter is responsible for the care of the instrument. Renter is expected to clean the instrument after each use and return it in good condition.

  4. Renter is required to provide a security deposit check of $500 upon rental. The name on the check must match the name of the renter or their parent/guardian. If no loss or damage is incurred, the security deposit check will be destroyed. If there is damage, the security deposit will be used to cover the costs of repairing or replacing the instrument, case, accessories, Valentino Bass Flute Stand, and/or care manual. If the cost of repairs is less than $500, the remainder of the deposit after repairs will be returned. All damage will be assessed by the Chicago Flute Club and associate music stores. 

  5. If the renter is under age 18, a signature from the renter’s parent/guardian is required, and the parent/guardian assumes legal responsibility for the care of the instrument.

  6. Renter must pick up and drop off the instrument in person. Instruments will not be shipped.

  7. Rental limit is four consecutive weeks by one party. Rental week is seven consecutive days, including the pickup and drop off days. Rentals are on a weekly basis: 7 days or less is one week, 8-14 days is two weeks, etc. (Wednesday through Tuesday, for example, is 7 days. Therefore, Wednesday through Wednesday is 8 days and counts as two weeks.)

  8. For CFC-hosted events, rental fees will not be charged as long as the person using the instrument is a member of CFC and uses it only at the CFC event. For this type of rental, please contact Mr. Evan van Breemen directly at

  9. Cancellation Policy: If the renter cancels more than 7 days ahead of their reservation, the renter will receive a full refund. If the rental is canceled in less than 7 days, the renter will be refunded 50% of the fees. If the rental is canceled in less than 24 hours, the renter will receive no refund. Membership fees will not be refunded. The Chicago Flute Club has the right to cancel a reservation for any reason, in good faith, and will fully refund 100% of payment made. The CFC and its volunteers shall not be held liable for any damages, costs, or problems caused by unexpected cancellation.

Flute Rental Covid Waiver

The rentee understands that the term of this rental is taking place during a global pandemic that is not fully understood by the world’s foremost experts in medicine and that remains the subject of study by some. The renter assumes all risk from, and holds the Chicago Flute Club harmless for any potential illness, infection, or death arising from the use of this instrument. The Chicago Flute Club is not responsible for disinfection of the instrument prior to rental.

Flute Rental Instructions:

  • Login to your CFC account online. If you are not a current member, click here to become a member. The "Bass Flute Reservations" Page is only accessible to current CFC members.
  • Refer to the rental calendar below to see which dates the bass is available for rental. Due to shop hours, your rental may not begin or end on a Sunday or Monday.
  • See links and calendars below to reserve the instrument (you must be logged in to access). Enter a quantity of "1" to reserve for 1 week, a quantity of "2" for 2 weeks, etc. Select the instrument you wish to rent. Enter the dates of your reservation in the final "Comments" box during checkout.
  • Click "Pay Online" NOT "Invoice Me" to complete payment.
  • **Print out your PAID invoice showing completed payment to bring with you for pick up.**
  • Contact the local music store to coordinate a time to pick up and drop off the instrument for your reservation in person. Those under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian present at pick up. 
  • Bring the following with you to pick up your rental flute:

Parent or guardian, if under the age of 18

Invoice showing payment of rental

Security deposit in the form of a $500 check made out to "Chicago Flute Club"

A Photo ID

Invoice showing payment of rental


Click here for flute assembly and care instructions for the bass flute.

Click here for piccolo care guide.

For further questions, please contact Evan van Breemen at

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